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Amazing bathtub refinishing Orlando, FL

Every day we spend significant amount of time in the bathroom.
And no one wants to start morning in a bad mood because again we have to see the old ugly bathtub.
Its nice to start the day with refreshing cool shower. And when we say it, we have in mind clean and sparkling shower or tub.
And not that Outdated yellowish tub with stubborn rust and dirt stains.
Or maybe your tub has chips and cracks on the surface. But you don’t have the budget for a bathroom renovation.
These problems are easy to solve. Don’t replace the tub instead simply order bathtub reglazing service in Orlando Fl from Amazing bathtub refinishing specialists .

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We have years of experience. All our work comes with 10 years warranty and professional quality.

The method of tub and tile restoration is:

1) Tub reglazing Time frame – only 2-4 hours.
2) Ready to use after 24 hours after completion of work.
3) Excellent coating quality – absolute smoothness, pure brilliance, perfect whiteness.
4) Durability – up to 15 years of service without loss of performance.
5) Environment friendly, no need to toss the old tub on a land field. Restore the bathtub!
6) Holds water heat better – the water in the bathtub restored by acrylic cools down about 30 times slower than in the cast-iron one.

How it works?

Tub reglazing and tub repair method involves the following steps:

1) The technician clean the tub first.
2) At the second stage, the surface is degreased from any soap, build up calcium
3) Fixing any cracks or uneven surface
4) Several coats of acrylic paint is sprayed to build new durable enamel

Moreover, the cost of the restoration of the bath is about 4 times cheaper then its replacement .

Call Us Now: (813) 922-2880

Amazing Tub and tile refinishing in Orlando Florida always deliver high quality and commercial grade tub resurfaced new tub enamel.
We stand behind our quality work!
You will love the result- Sparking like New bathtub, fresh and clean again!

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