Safeway Bathtub Step

AR is official Safeway Bathtub Step Installer in Florida


What is the Safeway Step?


The Safeway Step is an innovative product with several years of successful installation and use in households.
The Safeway Step is a method for modifying a bathtub to help seniors or anyone that has difficulty getting into and out of a bathtub.
The Safeway Step is installed by cutting away a section of the tub, (usually the center) and fitting the step into the opening.


Can the Safeway Step be installed in my bathtub?


The Safeway Step can be installed in any bathtub, including fiberglass, steel, and cast-iron bathtubs. Installation of the step is usually completed in less than a day.


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Benefits and Features of the Safeway Step


Easier access into the bath/shower area.

Reduces the possibility of dangerous falls.

Can be installed in less than a day.

Ideal solution for residential, hotel, and assisted care facilities.

Resistant Surface



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